Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Secret

A secret burns in my heart. I long to unlock it and let the whole world know. But if I do it will be ruined,stained,tarnished. If I tell, it won't be a secret anymore. If I let someone know, it will be discovered. So for now I will keep it inside, safe and sound.


Bria said...

What a beautiful poem! And the picture is awesome!

laura said...

Wow Interesting!! hehe

Ellie said...

WOW!! I love the pic!!


Olivia said...

They just don't understand.

This secret cry's out from your very soul... It is so beautiful that it longs to shine it rays of hope and joy into the hearts of everyone who knows you... But it will wait. And continue waiting till it can be revealed in it's fullest glory. Until then, it will manifest itself in the ever present smile that plays across your face, the gleam that shines in your eyes, the love that grows in your heart.

Your waiting friend,

Just A Family said...

I don't think your friends know what secret your talking about>lol
I know the secret and I can't wait until the year when it can be let out of the bag...In the mean time keep praying for God's will in your life and know He only wants the best for you..