Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Is this considered a post?? :-)

I was unofficially tagged by Jasmine
15 things I am not afraid to admit about myself:

1- It irks me that several radio stations are already playing Christmas music! Come on people, it is not even Thanksgiving much less December!!!

2- Like Jasmine, I have always wanted to get married early, and since I am only fifteen and a half I will still hold on to it for a little while longer! :-)

3- I get EXTREMELY nervous at recitals and speeches and I have one coming up in less than a month!
4- I am not a fan of peanut butter and chocolate (yes, that means Reese cups!). Actually, I really don't like mixing my peanut butter with anything (not even jelly).

5- Although I have always wanted to live somewhere where it snows and gets freezingly(is that a word??? :-) cold, I think I am happy right here where we get an inch tops.

6- While I am concerned about politics and I do care about what happens to our nation, it is not my favorite thing to talk about!

7-Most of my blog posts are in the drafts folder half finished!

8- I still cannot believe I deleted MY own blog.

9- Whenever someone asks me what my favorite book or movie is I can't think of it until much later (like laying in bed that night). I have read so many I am just not sure....:-)

10- I like riding around in a 15 passenger van, I am still working on driving the big thing!
11- I earn money by rubbing my dad's feet.....:-)

12- I rarely win anything, my brother is doing that for me! He has *won*
SEVERAL library contests, a free ride in a red baron plane (I would NEVER ride in that thing!), and numerous other things!

13-I have not understood football until this year! ( Go Bama!!!) :-)

14- I have friends of all ages!

15- My passion in life is to do the best I can at wherever God places me.

* I forgot to tag someone!!! Now let's see, who is up for this challenge?*I tag:


Now maybe one of you will do it!


Taylor said...

I love your new blog layout, Taylor! It was neat to read your answers. :-)

I love Christmas music; sometimes, I get a craving for it in the heat of July, but it annoys me when I see Christmas decorations and hear carols at the beginning of November!! And driving a 15-passenger van is a very valuable tool... I hope I can learn to drive *period* someday soon! :-)


Something very weird happened while
I was trying to write a new post! I know it sounds strange (that's because it is!)
It deleted Jasmine's comment, so I am just pasting it under my name.

laura said...

Hi Taylor
Sorry ur tagged again, I want u to write 10 things that u absolutely despise, have fun with it. (evil laughter!!) ;)

Miss Jocelyn said...

Thanks for visiting A Pondering Heart and for entering the giveaway!

Miss Jocelyn

Ana Smith said...

I'll try to do this soon. ;-)

Hannah Jane said...

I WILL do this, but right now I'm having trouble thinking of 15 things.