Friday, June 5, 2009

Life on a farm

Life on a farm is very exciting. New things are happening constantly.
The calendar is filled with dates of baby rabbits births and when to make soap.
The chickens should start laying eggs in a month or so and Ruthie (goat) needs her hooves clipped.
Oh, so many things to do! The garden has prospered well and I am very sad to see the lettuce gone.
But now, it is almost time for potatoes. We have tasted first fruits from our other plants and I am constantly in awe at this wonderful world God made.
There is nothing like waking up in the early morn (It does happen occasionally!) and hanging out a load of laundry before the heat of the day has even set in. The smell of crisp cool night air still in the air and the feel of dew on your bare feet as you dance back and forth to keep them warm.
While farm life can be quite a chore ( like waking up at 6:00 to go milk a goat who is not quite sure she wants to be milked!) it has many, many rewards.
Fresh milk that froths at the top, Organic crunchy veggies that taste out of this world, Fresh eggs, and soon to be fresh meat.
Yes, our dear little cottontails are for meat.
I am not quite sure about the whole thing....But, my dad assures me that it will be the best barbecue I have ever tasted. I will let you know!
I encourage you to take some time and look around, find the farm at your house.
It may be the curtains blowing in the breeze, the jars of freshly made strawberry jam in your freezer, or maybe just the flowers on your porch, but no matter where we live I think we all have a little 'farm girl' in us.
Happy Weekend!


jcw said...

Yay! You finally posted! I have to agree that I don't know about eating the bunnies since I still have nightmares about "The Silence of the Rabbits".............

Kendy Jo said...

I have had these feelings lots of times in the last 8 yrs. we've lived in the country.Its such a great feeling-my BLOG:

The Sisters said...

You have a very nice way of writting! I have checked your blog several times, and was glad to see that you had posted! I found your blog through Bria's blog. Hope you don't mind me visiting!

In Christ,


♥Molly♥ said...

Oh, Taylor!!!!! I'm glad you posted!!!!!

Our lettuce is gone too, but not because we ate it....I think a bunny or two got it!!!

Anyways, keep posting!


Jonine said...

Your back! I once had a meat rabbit for a pet kept him till he died... We did not eat him thought.

One of us Dragonfryes said...

Nice post!

Bria said...

Come on Tay! Start posting again.

Hannah Jane said...

Congrats on your new sisters!!! They are so adorable!!!

♥Molly♥ said...

Taylor, on your post about "How to make whole wheat rolls, a tutorial"

I put my last name....if you know how, could you please take it off?
My parents would rather my last name not be on the internet...thanks!


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