Thursday, January 1, 2009

My New Years Resolutions:

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2008 was a wonderful year for you!

Bria asked me to name my New Years Resolutions, so here goes!

1- To read my bible everyday

2-To complete two levels of violin

3- To wake up earlier (6:00....?)

4- To start the French Language program I received for Christmas

5- To, during the Spring and Summer remain consistent in weeding and taking care of my herb garden

6- To start a flower garden for the purpose of bouquets

7- To continue to learn more about soap making and candle making

8- This one is not really a resolution, but I really want to try and make a list to keep up with all of the books I read. I think it would be really cool to have someday.

Thanks Bria!

I tag:


OK I tag anyone who wants to participate!!!!

P.S. Who stayed up until 12:00? I made it! I went to bed at 12:04!


Anonymous said...

I stayed up till somewhere around 12:30


love in Christ,


Olivia said...

I think I made it up till 1:15. But just barely!

Daniel Smith said...

y' know, to wake up earlier, usually to make it work you have to go to bed earlier too! :P

♥Ellie♥ said...

I stayed up til 1:30.
And the night before that i was up til midnight...
So last night i was REALLY tired!!!
But i have been sleeping in really late!! lol!! Happy late new year!!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't make it!

Anonymous said...

Hi! My name is Kate,I am 7 years old and i love the Lord.

I'm sharing a blog with my mom,Denise hears our blog...


I am Molly's little sister

Rachel said...

Hey i like you resolutions! mind if i follow?

Anonymous said...

You have 2 awards awaitin for you at the maidens voyage!

Love in Christ...


Hannah Jane said...

I gave you an Award!!!

Allison said...

I tagged you! Please view my blog and participate if you would!

Bria said...

You are awarded dearest!

Molly said...

Taylor...we'll be praying for you, dear sister in Christ.

In Christ,


halestone said...

im a first daughter! kind of. ok not really. my twin was born 2 minutes before me.

♥Molly♥ said...

I am hosting a photography contest on my blog, let me know if you would like to join!!!

Love in Christ...