Friday, October 31, 2008

Something as small.....

Something as small as a just-big-enough tree and a yellow worn out swing can influence a life. My littlest brother and sister run daily with glee to this swing for half an hours worth of amusement. There have been many tears shed over this precious swing, many golden kisses from the sun, many red noses from the wind, but still they go,bare feet and all. They go to the place they love. The much loved path way is no longer green lush grass, it is loose dirt that stains their little toes.
I think about this 'path' and wonder, isn't this how Jesus wants us to be? Every day running with glee to him? Wearing out the path till it is dirt? The wind stings, the sun burns, the rocks on the ground hurt, yet we still go. We go because we love Him. We go because He refreshes our soul.

Something as small as two hands, 94 years old, taking a much smaller pair ,12 years old, into it's own , teaching the rhythms of knitting, investing in a life. She didn't have to, it was late. She did anyway. Now ,three years later, anytime these two people meet, the older, wiser one asks "have you knitted anything lately?" and I reply "Yes!...." and go on to tell her of the latest half-finished scarf or doo-dad. I see her hugging my little sister and hope that one day I may teach her to knit, telling her the time when (great) Grandma taught me. I wonder, when I have been on this earth for 97 years, what will be my story? What will people say I did? I hope that they will say I was a follower of Christ, a loving daughter, sister, friend, a (hopefully) devoted wife and mother. I hope I have proof with many arrows to influence God's world, and if not, I hope that I can be a good example for my little brothers and sisters, helping to raise them for the glory of God.


Just A Family said...

Ok mama tears are flowing for sure.

I love you sweet Tay,


DeniseinSC said...

Hay Taylor!!!
How you doing?
By the way did you get a new camera?
Good for you if you did!!!!

In Christ,



Do you have any problem with me calling you Tay?

Hope to see you soon

- Molly

Sarah Boyd said...

Hi Taylor,
You've been tagged by me!